Oct 29

Dubbel Water Profile


Any advice on the water profile for a Belgian Dubbel? Fairly soft water and balanced is my base instinct but I'm open to ideas.

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  • Anyone have experience with this probiotic? Seems pretty popular on Milk The Funk. I had pretty good success kettle souring with Wyeast 5335, although it faded pretty quick - thought I'd change it up this time. The Wyeast had no krausen as I would expect from a pure Lacto. This Swanson had a krausen of sorts after day 1 at 100F, and it also smelled kind of like beans or maybe sauerkraut - not too appealing. Unfortunately I followed someone's raw ale procedure and pasteurized at 190F for 10 min instead of boiling like I did on the last batch. My current thoughts are either a wild yeast took hold or maybe it was DMS? After souring for 2 days, I boiled and the aroma smoothed out.
  • Hey guys, Any idea on the cell count for the Community Cultures yeast packs? Not too worried, just going to make a 1L starter, but wanted to run the numbers for my notes. Justin
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